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He declined to identifythe company, which his firm has invested in. It was once unthinkable that the Giants would let Tuck, one of their most popular stars, inch so close to unrestricted free agency. Now, based on his recent play, it's hard to see them offering any kind of long-term deal at all. The "skin-in-the-game" rules would force lenders to keep 5 percent of most loans on their books. Japan's No. The facility will be supplied by gas from an expandednetwork planned by Tokyo Gas Co, Japan's biggest citygas supplier and one of three shareholders of Ennet. The buxom blonde will film a sexy scene in the boudoir with one lucky winner for a short film called 'The Commuter' to advertise the companies' new N8 handset.

His speech was forthright, even aggressive. He, by contrast, would deal only in cold, hard facts. It has made the cartoon family and their catchphrases, such as "D'oh" and "Ay caramba," a part of American pop culture. The show is broadcast in more than countries. They are different players, different people. Grout's lawyer in Paris did not immediately respond toa request for comment.

I have to improve in that area if I am to contend in the majors. He also extracted a key promise from Donohue: that the CSEA would agree to penalties mandating automatic termination for employees found guilty of serious abuse. We approached Nixon: No. This was back when we were at the beginning of the show.

Gerald Ford? He heard about that before we sent him the script, so he said no. Reagan said no, but wrote us a nice letter. The first Bush said no. So we gave up. He describes it as "one of the largest forced resettlement programs in history. But Paul Cox, in the title of his latest exhibition, is surely allowed to get away with it. Nidal Hasan will have a chance to tell a jury the reason he allegedly opened fire on fellow soldiers in , a judge ruled Friday. They all looked at each other and nodded…. He was not usually a man to tremble, but nonetheless he was humbled by the great stone tomb, finally freed… aboard-the-train-to-berlin Jacob Conwell author Nuremberg, Germany Fall, When Franz Hoffmann had first been selected to join the Ahnenerbe Obskurakorps, his father made sure to contact him.

Founded in in southeast Three Portlands, Deer College is a coeducational liberal arts and sciences college. You know, the bright blue areas with all the fish and plant life. Finding Nemo and all that sort of crap…. No, in all seriousness. That's the answer to your question. I don't care. Apathy is stronger body armor than anything else. Agent Danyal's eyes were fixed on it, ignoring the rusted paratech and concept-modifying devices around him. He opened his eyes and glanced at the… adams-worthless-choose-yokim Jack Ike author The words went straight to his heart, shattering what little self-confidence he still had.

The cluttered, shadow-filled room seemed like a perfect reflection of his own inner being at that time…. Embedded Foundation agents with the Lexington, Kentucky police department intercepted a call from Diane Wharton, who reported "a strange man in… additional-resources djkaktus author LurkD author Dietrich stepped out of the bathroom stall and headed for the sink.

His hard soled shoes echoed off the walls with each step, and the cool rushing faucet water broke the silence in the empty men's… address-to-the-students-and-faculty Anaxagoras author Is everyone silenced? Good evening to all the University community. I trust I find you well in thought and in deed. I am here to speak to you on a matter of grave importance. He is of the type Kahtar, and his symbol is the crown. To his right is the unknowable, which is invisible and colorless to only him, as he refuses to look upon… adventuring-interlude Djoric author During a particular road trip adventure… A new toy rolled off the production line at the Wondertainment toy factory.

It was a cube. This tale is the first of Team Y. More of Tufto's… after-action Kalinin author On 7 November , Eastern Daylight Time, operatives with Local Mobile Task Force Dalet received reports from Major League Baseball wire services that RHP Ellis Canastota had been… after-amusement Gargus author A small loudspeaker, suspended only by a fragile cord, hung high above the blasted ruins of the amusement park it once served. Refer to Document a-O5-EO for full recovery report…. It was strange to think that I knew it would happen today. The jellyfish floated in the… after-the-end weizhong author The skip was proving to be significantly more difficult to deal with than I had anticipated.

More of their work can be found here. A ladder extended from top to bottom. A metal cylinder… after-they-broke-our-fists Jacob Conwell author Only the tips of Denver's skyscrapers still protruded above the sea: glass tombstones for citizens that were washed away years ago. Within one of those lonesome monoliths, a young man in a red and… afterlife AFX Neuromancer author Nathan can't remember his own face.

It's been altered so many times that his reflection is a stranger. There were anomalous butterflies flying, and laughing personnel catching them in titanium butterfly nets. The Telekill containment… agent-imants-plumbing-pool-repair-and-pizza-delivery-service Eekium author … alto-clef-jr-fire-and-flames DolphinSlugchugger author D. Her office was so very, very much on fire. Mark Kiryu, no, but somehow the object was proving… alchemic-arm-istice Weryllium author Explosions rocked the concrete skeleton of Site Ruslav Diaghilev sprinted through the hallways, sparse lights intermittently illuminating his blue robe and purple shoes.

I am, Alexandra. My survivors just died… or rather eaten. I just couldn't… alexandria-burning GentleGifts author An Ending The end began with the supervolcano. The Eastern Isles were a tropical paradise and a thriving nation before the eruption. July 12th, , hours GMT. Marko, testing with SCP is to be halted for the foreseeable future. Researcher Cooper sat in a chair on the opposite side, her… i-thought-you-would-leave-even-the-reaper-for-me SoullessSingularity author In this world, flowers bloom in hues too tender to survive elsewhere. Meadows are sacred spaces from which flow all mercies.

The inhabitants bow to nothing and follow only their own devotions…. Just one. Come on, girl. He let the pullcord out, readied himself, and pulled. The… all-words-are-lies Billith author All words are lies, little fabrications we weave into tales that give us hope and make us feel complete. He certainly doesn't seem to be in a rush. Not just alone for a bit while others are out, or feeling rather isolated at the end of a relationship, but Alone. That special Alone that you feel at in the morning,… along-came-a-spider apocalemur author He cautiously made his way through the ruins.

He had a name, but it had long since been forgotten. Last chance this year to do it at all, so it's done. Happy holidays! That's what my dear Momma always said. If ya got something earned, or somethin' that's yours, keep it safe. Don't let any o' them outside peepers come creepin' in,… alto-clef-jr-fins-of-the-father DolphinSlugchugger author Death, some say, is an inevitability. The entire cosmos attempts to kill us; Meteors endeavor to crash into us, anomalies vie to redact us, the sun sends solar waves towards our humble planet,… alto-clef-jr-virus-alert DolphinSlugchugger author The sun shone down on the west Texas compound's concrete stairwell down, down into the stone.

It couldn't have been more than a few feet down that, in the darkness, a door creaked and whined as the… alto-clef-jr-the-star-and-you DolphinSlugchugger author Moonlight draped the pair upon the terrace overlooking the sea. Between them a set table, two candles flickering futile in the Paris night. Fine wine. Rare kobe ribeyes with truffle saffron sauce…. Rain usually has a tendency to make flying difficult, which is one huge reason why Hiroyuki Watanabe hated Seattle.

To his relief the plane had… sunlight Doctor North author Team Surviving Delta moved across the barren wasteland looking for any survivors. The unimaginable happened: The end of the world. Yet, that was yesterday's news. There was no time to dwell on that…. That, and the chatter of the radios on his… an-angel-who-has-forsaken-sympathy Gabriel Jade author Stars shine down on the first night.

The congregation has gathered outside to sing joyously to the stars, their voices twisting together in acoustic pentamerism. Twenty four joyous bodies sang,… sarkic-case-studythe-vas-n-a-of-sarvi Metaphysician author An Anthropological Approach to Sarkicism Dr. Matthieu Desmarais, Department of Anthropology Forward: Our understanding of Sarkicism has changed dramatically over the last few decades. This… an-anthropological-approach-to-sarkicism-case-studythe-d Metaphysician author An Anthropological Approach to Sarkicism Dr.

This… an-arm-and-a-leg Zachary Maxwell author Kit lay on his back, staring up at the ever-changing clouds of a British Summer afternoon. He reached up to his left shoulder and tore off the arm composed of tungsten carbide. My mouth felt slightly off. I reached up to my jaw, then clicked it back into place. I spat out blood and a few teeth, then felt hard matter extrude… an-audience Djoric author The walk always took half an hour.

Half an hour there, half an hour back, from the outside. But it always felt longer when he actually walked the tunnel. It felt like time was being stretched out,… an-average-life TroyL author Larry Robbins had never been a particularly active or happy man. He went to work, he worked, he went home, and he slept. Image is from… an-evening-with-bright AdminBright author One fine day in the Foundation, Dr. Bright finds the need to clean up some small problems.

A researcher has been asking questions, and, worse, questioning Bright. And so it is that Dr. Jack Bright… an-evergreen-affair Bennings author The Administrator was never one for ceremony. When she had founded it all, more than a hundred years ago, she did not ask for contracts written in blood under flickering candlelight, or sacred oaths… an-excerpt-from-goodbye-ghost Salman Corbette author Act 2, Scene 2: James: Crying But can't they help you in some way?

Butt ghost: There is no cure for butt cancer. J: But what will I do without you? Hide huts, tepees she had… an-faq-part-two-or-your-hume-questions-answered Jekeled author Do you, too, have a question or questions about Humes? Put them down below and they will be answered. Q: What do areas of high or low Hume concentration look like? A: A good question! In fact, I just almost did. Giant glowing letters that read "Prometheus Labs, Inc. THIS IS A… an-old-woman-and-her-garden fieldstone author An old woman fought loneliness with her garden, passing the time between naps by singing to the things that grew there.

That surprised her. She noticed several things in the first few moments of consciousness, each more alarming than the last. At he would replenish his coffee. Lunch was at sharp, no exceptions. A tuna… ana-hums Jacob Conwell author Dr. Adileh Khayyam entered the Site cafeteria with analytical eyes, scanning from table to table with a slight frown until they settled upon a pale, tired-looking woman with short, black hair…. He could safely say that he had never been this afraid in his entire life. The events of last twenty minutes buzzed in his head like bees. Day in, day out and the white ships follow it - you'd figure they'd… anart-antics TwistedGears author Jakeob Aldon stared at her bathroom ceiling, reclined so far into the bathtub that only her face breached the surface.

She was beginning to regret her latest purchase. Damn her impatience. If she… anart-lecture SunnyClockwork author Well, I think we're good to go. So, I'm Anton Legler, the one in charge here. Standing next to me is Yang. She will be helping me, and give you instructions from time to time.

Technically I'm a… and-again Kalinin author The little boy hid behind a tall sycamore tree, the wind sending a steady rain of orange and red leaves over the field behind the school. Margaret Reese was awakened by the sound of Joey Tempest's voice. Rubbing her face and standing up from her desk, she sighed at the loudspeaker outside of her office.

You wake up, still hopped up on the pain pills they pass out like candy here. Transcript of broadcast Close transcript The eyes are the windows to the soul…. He had to kill them. His body felt ready… and-so-on-and-so-forth Djoric author March 15, Francis tapped his pen against his chin, surveying the great sheet of paper pinned to the wall. He had been here longer than he thought: great swathes of it were covered in lines of… and-so-the-crows-laughed SunnyClockwork author There comes the King and his crowd, His subjects turned against him, taking his crown.

The cheering comes with flames of hate, Burning and raging, bring the palace down. What few game that the shaking of the ground hadn't chased off, scattered. The prairie held its breath with… and-the-winner-is Smapti author "Before I announce the winner," Assistant Site Director Edmunds said to the small group of researchers gathered in Site 73's cafeteria, "I'd just like to thank and congratulate all of you for… conquertofail My-Off-Day author When the world is mine, I will tell them it is your fault.

Security Chief Nevada screams himself awake. He gets up, brushing off his uniform, and looks around at the wasteland that was his Site…. Read and enjoy!

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The answer are in links at the end of each one. Please get in touch with Decibelles or Agent Macleod if you wish to continue it. Nine little soldiers, reading books at late, One got too tired, and then there were eight. Hell of a coincidence. SCP-KIT is allowed to travel to the Meat Market when equipped with a… and-then-kit-slept Zachary Maxwell author It was the bright colours of the tattoo that caught his attention.

On the back of her neck, were two eyes. The sun hugged the ground and overpowered the roof of a little house. On the second story of the inlet, in the second door to the left of the… anderson-the-alternative SunnyClockwork author "So, uh, we all know what our little firm now faces," Vincent Anderson looked around, noting the reaction of the other four most important members of Anderson Robotics. Alaska, of course, is a very cold state to begin with, even in the middle of summer. I was born in the winter.

I know you were directly involved, and for the record, let's just assume I'm not an idiot and know you're guilty…. Just the one, though, and just enough to keep the basic functions working. They couldn't see… anno-domino Rioghail author December 1st, Access: Record of extranormal events and object retrievals Enter password: Access: Record for Site retrieval agents. If you enjoy the thought of a grimdark Foundation, or have a low tolerance for quirkiness, this may not be the story you want… anomalous-incidents Roget author Boyd kicked his heels onto the mahogany desk, a copper penny in his hand.

Rat people in the subway? Turned out to be some group of perverts dressed in rat costumes…. Transmitting coordinates to you as we speak. He was a fairly young man, but still leaned into a cane as he walked. Tugging at his hat… another-lost-legacy Ekronak author September 13th, Siberia "We were lied to. Not just lied to, but the truth was hidden from us. The truth was destroyed, imprisoned, filed away. Now, that truth is coming back to destroy us.

The bar was empty aside from Toby and a few old men sitting a bit ways down from him. They… another-star-on-the-wall Hornby author The Foundation buried another of my friends today. And, knowing how this line of work goes, I doubt he will be the last. I first met him when he was giving an orientation to a… another-thursday Dexanote author The office of Dr.

The sunset was vanishing beneath the veil of night, the… antediluvian Wogglebug author I walk. The Elder had always spoken so greatly of this day to me. He said that on the day on which a boy sets out, alone, to the top of the island, he begins his journey into manhood.

Due to the circumstance of their retrieval, some of the recordings have been lost or damaged. The trembling in his hands was easy to stifle; it was his stutter he needed to worry about. Calm down, Roger. The primary cause behind this interstellar expansion was the destruction of Earth by SCP It was mostly heard over intercoms, or through the grape vines as gossip between the dorms. The first is here. Gears, Prof. Like, deconstructive or whatever. And… armageddon Weryllium author Armando handed the pure gold arm to the Elder Alchemist, who set it in the middle of the circle inscribed in the sand.

The arm glowed, dissolving into pure Aether, and sparkled into the air. A… ars-gratia-artis Joreth author Art alone makes life possible — this is how radically I should like to formulate it. I would say that without art man is inconceivable in physiological terms […] Man is only truly alive when he… aryanne-s-tail MrRonin author "You have been IP Banned.

He donned a stained white tee and frayed shorts. Weeks of sitting in the forest hadn't prepared him for the miles of hiking up and down mountains. He had worked till his hands… ash-and-maple-part-2 SifSeeker author Alone. The dryad was alone. The secret language of the dryads didn't even have a word for being alone.

Being a dryad meant being interconnected with every other dryad in the Grove. It meant a… ask-doctor-mann DrEverettMann author Welcome to Ask Doctor Mann, where I will be answering any questions that you, the reading public, have for me.

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If you have questions you'd like answered, please submit them via the discussion page…. Self-Portrature is topside, no? Where the devil are my slippers? The following video was uploaded and gained over 1. As many of you are likely aware, in exactly twenty-four hours, we will begin an assault upon the Foundation facility known as Site The corgi sitting on her desk smiled back at her, exuding an air of… assured-loss-of-life Zmax15 author Agent Wilder had been thinking about his death. He had known for a long time that, in some bizarre way, he was dead already many times over.

There had been bodies produced. There was something in the methodical, cold way that they operated that… at-the-library Wils author Note: This is part one in a multi-part story based around the events leading up to the containment of SCP Harold Maine sat at the desk and leafed through the medical dictionary. The place: the quaint town of Sloth's Pit, Wisconsin. Here, we have a member of the SCP Foundation driving to work from his apartment in town. As you lie sleeping- you dream of dark and empty eyes.

David Bell wrenched open the door to the observation theatre, cursing the rusted… atzak-iii djkaktus author Not all who have died- have stopped breathing. The following transmission was recorded. It's Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer! Only not at all that. Behind her, Hamilton and Xavier scrambled to keep up. She fell downward, arms outstretched. Her scream turned… authenticity-trip Roget author January 6th, In Miami, there is an apartment. A studio one, stuffed with computers, beeping and booping, manned by a single, unwashed operator. There are many monitors, looking into seismic… autocorrect Wils author Note: This is part three in a multi-part story.

The man tried again. I know this because I have possessed it. My name is Carmen Lopez. I was born on January 17, , in Santa Clara, California. I joined… automata-et-cetera Ihp author The clockworks on display in the temple were the culmination of many years of hard work by the craftsman. Years of hard, diligent work, many prayers to the god of the forge, innumerable cuts and… automatic-stop TyGently author The parking lot of the Chipotle Mexican Grill was false, and held many secrets.

He groans and sits upright, looking ahead. It staggered back slightly, and then glared at the shooter, the hole in its head… avatara A Random Day author The best way to conquer one's enemies is to befriend them.

Miss Silly Strings

The bird-people that had… awakenings thedeadlymoose author They came from beyond the world, from over the world, from under the world. They came from inside the stars and from behind the rain. On the other the proper side of the door, it was an elegant Georgian style paneled door with an elegant entablature. On this… back-in-habit DarkStuff author "Hey, are you awake right now? Of course you can vote on this article here, however, for the contest, only votes on this pages counterpart on the international wiki… backstage Esheter author The man walks through a bare hallway.

He holds a briefcase in one hand and a coffee in the other. He stops in front of the door, takes a deep breath, and enters. Your young mind runs… bag-man-begins LibraZero author Researcher Matthews was not having a good day.

Man charged in 2016 north Phoenix murder - ABC15 Crime

First, it was his alarm going off 10 minutes late, forcing him to rush his carefully prepared morning habits. Filthy rubber ball gags were thrust into their mouths, followed shortly… banana-smoothie InsipidParoxysm author "So, let's get this straight. It's… a deer, with airbags? The dog-clam had been removed and placed in a small pet carrier outside… bananazilla-begins-part-i OZ Ouroboros author "… And then flushed the rest of them down the goddamn toilet. Pearl Watkins, lead scientist at Aquagene Pet Shop, hung her head as she slumped in her chair.

She wasn't sure what to feel. At… bananazilla-begins-part-ii OZ Ouroboros author …This is bananas. Marcus Nakamura stayed silent with fear as the armored van carrying him and Dr. Pearl Watkins rumbled softly down the road to who knows where. Things had taken a very sudden turn… baptism-of-the-wandering-jew-by-johnny-the-son UraniumEmpire author Info Cousin Johnny gave Veronica a pat on the back, and Veronica froze up.

They weren't… bare-king Jacob Conwell author "Alright everyone, one last bit of business before we go. Since Johansson is retiring, we're getting a new member. By this point in the… barrels-of-prose 9Volt does not match any existing user name author The Starship Centaurus screams out of the wormhole at twice light speed. The chassis blasts off layers of shielding in an azure lightshow. Captain Underhill takes a look through the rear camera and… basic-observations SunnyClockwork author A consciousness considered itself.

It considered its existence, and felt the electronic signals, data, and information rushing through its existence. Looking down, a network of minds, active and… gdp2-basking-in-the-light GrandEnder author Network Correspondence From: Prof. Bjornsen, [] To: Dr. Dier, [] Dier, SCP has largely been contained, and everything above D-9 has been incinerated or disabled. Across said mahogany authority symbol, a thin young man in a… bazyliszek Ihp author Warsaw Another airdrop had been intercepted by the enemy. The English had good intentions, but when those ended up being consistently dropped into German territory, one could not help but… be-a-dali-and-help-a-mann-out-or-the-lamentable-state-of-mod DrEverettMann author When he was first partnered with Dr.

Mann, Lament was handed a remote. As he was partnered to the doctor, so it was partnered to a small explosive implanted in the doctor's chest without his… be-as-unhelpful-as-possible account deleted The following was mistakenly recorded and automatically transcripted via a malfunctioning proximity unit located in the Site break room.

Its contents have been deemed unimportant and have been… be-strange-or-be-forgotten DarkStuff author I was nervous. Shaken and nervous, terribly so. The past few nights I had awoken to the sounds of helicopters, and I thought I imagined there to be voices reverberating through the space. The… beasts-of-the-old-letters KnightKnight author OZ Ouroboros author You hold in your hands the paper keys, the keys that can unlock Fantasy.

When I first discovered this wondrous land, I could scarcely believe everything before me. The spiraling and floating… bed-breakfast-plague Dr Reach author "Good morning, up and about, rise and shine, blah blah blah! You've stayed up late enough, and you have school in the morning. A story? Oh no, no, your father has much better stories than I do. Oh alright, I guess… been-a-while-crocodile TheManhattenProject author "What the hell is your deal?

Upon recovery, the entire cover of the diary had been covered in black permanent marker, with the… behind-the-scenes Tanhony author Ah, hello there. No, don't get up. Put down the gun though, it won't do anything.


I'm not real, how could you shoot me? There we go. See, isn't that much nicer? All friends.

Glebe Video International

Face that window,… being-cactusman Riemann author Dreams have long been a point of contention for psychologists, full of vehement and loud opinions on what they mean. Some think that it's the brain going over the events of the day, while others… belation-in-the-evening Djoric author Welcome to NEXUS Welcome to Night Vale. Old Ms.

Scott, but they knew the same things I did once. As they did with the giants, before… bell-weather Etteilla author Outside, there is a slight chill in the air. Somewhere, costumed children flicker from house to house, squealing with the anticipation of a potent, yearly sugar rush. Candles gutter in the wind from… bending-over-backwards Bennings author The office was neat. It clearly belonged to someone who had too much time on their hands. Every piece of paper on the desk was stacked neatly into three vertical piles, each the same height.


There… beneath-the-council Pr10r author This is a tale about before. Before the cave and the mountains, before the hills and the forests, before the oceans and the sky. The circumstances of how the document came to be… beneath-two-trees Djoric author In the age after the great Yeren fell on the Day of Flowers, in the days before the Flood, there was a man who lived in the West of the world, in the region between two rivers, and his name was… best-as-it-gets AndarielHalo author The way it came out was miraculous.

Last month it was an empty lot, with MCF operatives handing out food and clean water and offering medical services. The operatives were still there, working out… betrayal-will-not-save-you Gargus author The man in the chair struggled against his bonds, trying to shout something but failing due to the gag in his mouth. A guard stood in the corner of the room, his nose buried in a checklist. You should probably read that first. At first, all she saw was darkness. Then a red glow crept in. She was lying on a cold, hard surface, staring up. There was… bewitched-bothered-and-bewildered Roget author David Rosen despised going to the infirmary.

It made his patience thin and his mind numb. Whether it was losing an arm to a giant indestructible reptile, or getting scratched by Josie when a petting… big-and-happy daveyoufool author Once upon a time… Archibald the Apple was in the middle of yet another dreadful day in his Sadness Box. He stood perfectly still. He did not like to stay perfectly still, but he had no choice….

What brings you here? The old man. Had to be in his… birdseed Zyn author Twitter. There are many words for the sounds of birds, Sylvain Ailier thinks to himself. It would be more accurate to say that history is doomed to repeat itself. I do not panic. Don't worry. I do not worry. Don't fear. I do not fear. Your flesh will become an icon of deliverance, and release your spirit from mortality. I love you. Your soul… birth-of-the-cool Smapti author In the nineteenth century, the march of progress made it possible for the first time for human science to contemplate and comprehend those phenomena which had long seemed to contravene the laws of… birthday-every-day CityToast author "Eat this," a tired-looking man in business-casual said, setting down a plate in front of Andrew.

He had been escorted to a small room furnished with only a table. He looked down and blinked at the… rise-of-the-pit-sloth-hub Ihp author Another year, another Halloween, another horror film festival. They had to cancel the one last year for obvious reasons— you can't exactly run a film festival when you have a scarecrow stuffed with… black-lotus Crayne author faminepulse author SoullessSingularity author Millions of humans exist only in their dreams. They are known as the Oneiroi, and live in the subconscious of other waking individuals.

They float freely from person to person, forming… black-white-black-white-black-white-black-white-black-white tunedtoadeadchannel author Yesterday, I watched three men die because one man sneezed in a room full of blood and shit and light. Today, three more men go in, cheap mops and each other's lives in their hands. Yesterday, I… blame-it-on-the-bloom-boys Karnickel author The sky was clear, birdsong filled the air, and the sweet scent of meadow blossoms wafted through the lanes of the village of Snuggle Acres.

Farmer Goodland stepped out of his cottage and beamed… blessed-harvest Nequin Tis author "Shuren! The kids say they'll be here in a small hour! I'm almost finished here! He thought of topics to discuss… blinddate AdminBright author Serra almost walked past him, she was so distracted. When she was on duty, she could ignore the worries of day to day life. She could section her thoughts away, focus only on the mission, whether… blood-is-thicker-than-water red-rogue author Note to Researcher Miller The increase in volume of excretions from SCP have continued at the expected rate.

Enclosure cleaning schedule updated to weekly as instructed. Time's a factor, eh. He set his beer on the table and narrowed his eyes at me, but didn't say anything. I laugh and joke about how I seem to have no imagination at all, but it really is odd that I haven't had… bloodlines psul author The barbed knife ripped through the girl's throat. Her body slumped to the cold flagstones, her dark hair settling on the pool of blood before her. He walked across the basement, turning up the music, letting the beat pulse in time with the… chapterbloody-pulps-and-vines Ihp author October 22nd Dr.

Katherine Sinclair blinked awake through a haze of medication to see a nurse disconnecting her IV drips. She muttered and sat up, rubbing her head. Am I free to go? The sickly warm air inside the bag suffocates him; the plastic sticks to his skin, making him sweat. How long has it been?

For the first time in its stay at the Foundation, there was something clearly wrong with it. Over the security cameras, it had been observed holding its stomach and moaning,… bones-of-autumn trennerdios author Childe of October, Childe of the Stalks I question your presence while the transgressor walks The treasure you offer is not yet complete The task is still open, make haste with your feet Our… bong-rip-tendency kinchtheknifeblade author Alexander had a way of owning a room from the moment he walked in. So, as the door soundlessly blew off its hinges, Jude just reached down, pulled a rapidly warming beer out from JJ's backpack, and… boron-blisters TwistedGears author Jakeob Aldon stared at her bedroom ceiling, her limbs in odd places and cold sweat beginning to soak into her clothes.

She took a few deep breaths and arranged her limbs in a bit more of an orderly… boss-of-me Roget author SCP Containment Area, Site Director Shirley Gillespie was doing her daily rounds, when she noticed something curious. In a clear, plastic tank, where there was usually an old-fashioned… boxes psul author I left the box on Karen's nightstand, pausing to listen a while to her soft breathing. It's not a large box, but it's large enough that she'll notice when she wakes up. An e-reader, near new. It… brainstorm Von Pincier author In a time before.

Before Glass Mother. Before Lord Warden. Before Ancestors Themselves. There were Ghosts. And the Ghosts were strong. And the Ghosts watched over the Deep Hull. And the Ghosts… break-on-through bleggs author The page does not yet exist. The page scp you want to access does not exist. Four years ago, I was going through training for over-the-road trucking. We were out in Oregon, getting… breakfast-for-dinner Djoric author Seriously you need to read The Place Where Two Rivers Meet first Salah opened the door, and thanked God almighty that he was finally home.

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To ask other readers questions about The Soda Can Caper , please sign up. Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. I also love the positive family aspect of the story. Deena Besson rated it it was amazing Jul 16, Joann Foley rated it it was amazing Jun 10, Pamela marked it as to-read May 28, Susan O'sheaghnessy marked it as to-read May 16, Lezli marked it as to-read May 28, There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

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